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Residential Products

» Water Softeners
» Iron and Sulphur  Filters
» Ultra Violet Sterilizers
» Reverse Osmosis System
» Chlorine and Chemical    Removal Filters
» Chlorination Systems
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» Water Softeners
Condensate Polishers
Iron Filters
Chemical Removal Carbon Filter
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Ultraviolet Disinfection Sterilizers

??? What will you get for your money ???

We sale products we trust, that means products which last. We trust our products, we tested those by using them in our households.

Our products are sold directly from manufacturer by installers. Other brands, from the manufacturer they go to a distributor, from distributor to a whole seller from there to retail store who has sales persons, and finally it gets to you. Did you count how many hands are you going to pay in addition? And the unit is not installed yet.

Free delivery for Waterloo, Perth, Oxford, Huron Wellington Brant Wentworth counties.  

You do not have to wait half a day for delivery. Delivery can be made with previous arrangements for sharp timing
If you request  installation you will get your unit(s) installed* from the same personal  sold it to you. We got trained to install,  and to set the unit(s)  program to work according to your needs.

You need an advice what to buy, what you need? Call us.  One of our technician will visit you for free*. Not a sales parson. We do not have fancy dressed sales persons. We have just trained technicians.

Buying our products you will get a Trusted Quality, Best Price, Prompt and Free Delivery* , Installation by Trained Technicians and newer the less a Canadian Product

Water Softener Water Treatment  from Excalibur Water Systems
* Services available for  Waterloo, Perth, Oxford, Huron Wellington Brant Wentworth counties



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